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About Us
About Us
     We produce below machineries
ATCINT conforms to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management, HSE, CE Declaration, German ReSY-System and European EN139393 standards in its manufacturing process.
Machineries ;
Paper tube machinery
Spiral tube machine
Paper core making machine
Composite cans line
Texlite tube machinery
Edgeboard protector machinery
Edge protector machinery
Edgeboard recutter
Labeller and recutter
Paper reel slitter rewinder
Paper tube recutter
Index recutter
Offline multi knives recutter
Inline paper tube cutter
Textile tube finishing machine
Honeycomb core machinery
Honeycomb lamination machinery
Honeycomb hole opener
Z dispenser folding machine

In addition; We provide the Grey Paper, Kraft Paper, packing boxes, cylinder boxes, cardboard boxes, metal closures, plastic closures, glues, Dextrin, carpet back-coating glues, printing glues, hot sealing adhesives and paper glues.
Goods :
  Composite cans, spiral paper tubes, paper cores, textile tubes, yarn carrier, film tubes, mailing tubes, edgeboard protectors, honeycomb panels, carboard tubes, cardboard pallets, construction tubes, carboard.
Accessories ;
Glue transfer system, glue tanks, dryer oven, knives, timing belts, mandrels, composite cans, metal lids, plastic lids, labeling.