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Paper Honeycomb Machine
Packaging paper honeycomb Machinery
Packaging paper honeycomb combines a high shock absorption level with a high pressure resistance.  
Packaging paper honeycomb is an environmental substitute for traditional packaging like cardboard and expanded polystyrene. 
Pallet paper honeycomb Machinery
Pallets are available in a variety of dimensions. The  Pallet paper honeycomb has a flat, chip- and nails free surface and a loading capacity up to 2000 kg/4400 lbs.   
Sheet paper honeycomb Machinery
Sheets guarantee a damage free transport of almost any product. Honipack Sheets has excellent stabilising and protecting properties. 
Graphic board paper honeycomb Machinery
Graphic board has a direct printable surface and is widely used as displays, shop in shop presentations and exhibition stands. 
Continuous Paper Honeycomb Core
Separate your products during transport
Fillers to fixate your products
Stabilize your products on pallets during transport
Paper Honeycomb Sandwich Board
Shipping containers
Blocks paper honeycomb
Honeycomb Pallets