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Paper Reel Slitter Rewinder
Product Description
 The machine is fitted with an unwinding shaft and a rewinding shaft. The parent roll is mounted on the unwind shaft.
The web of board is paid off from the parent roll and guided through several web deflector rolls.
One shaft is fitted with circular slitting blades which engage the wide web and divide it into a row of narrow webs whose widths are determined by the space between the blades.
The rotation of the rewinding shaft is provided by a three-phase drive motor (central winding). The drive has speed regulation control so that a constant web speed throughout the whole winding process is ensured.
A pneumatically regulated brake which is fitted to the unwinding shaft takes care of constant web tension which prevents the narrow webs from meandering and also ensures that the narrow reels are tightly wound.
The hydraulic roll lifting system which is integrated into the machine eases the handling of the rolls.