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Edgeboard Protector Machine
 Edge protector machines
Complete lines to produce edge protectors as well as other paper profiles
Edge protector recutters and notchers
Available in various sizes, lengths, thicknesses to our paper edge profiles are highly durable, reliable and offer great hardness.
Paper edge protector machine is consist of  8 combined units :
  1. Paper reel stand  
      Plies from 12 to 20 paper strips
    Servo Motor System
    Top-Bottom Pressing Roller 250-350mm
    Servo Driver System
    Profile Min 20x20 mm Max  100x100 mm
    Encoder Length Reader System
    Length Size Min : 200 mm Max 5000 mm
    HMI System Touch Screen
    Production Speed is 50 Meters  Min.
    Edge Profile Pieces by Electronic Counter   
  2. Paper flexo printing unit for outside layer
  3. Paper glueing machine
  4. Paper pre-forming unit
  5. Paper edgeboard pressing-heater unit
  6. Paper edgeboard trucker unit
  7. Paper edgeboard lenght cutting machine
  8. Paper edgeboard stacking unit (evacuation unit )