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Paper Cores
Paper Cores
Core Manufacturing

Coreboard is wrapped around a spindle on a spiral winder and secured with our specialised adhesives. We manufacture our own adhesives, allowing us to optimise the amount of adhesive used and monitor its quality. Excess glue is collected and directed back into the manufacturing process.

Biodegradable Adhesives

Our adhesives come from natural or biological sources and are 100% biodegradable.

Designed for manufacturers looking for cores to wind or unwind films, foils or other expensive products.
  • Highly accurate spirally would cardboard cores & tubes.
  • Cores & tubes available in many stock colours, bespoke prints, inner & outer liners.
    paper mill cores Film Cores
    Stretch Film Cores Carpet Cores
    Aluminium Foil Cores Greenhouse Plastic Cores
    Label Cores Pyrotechnic tubes
    Textile Cores Industriel Cores
    Postal Tubes Long Length Tubes
    Tape Cores Convulate Tubes
    Packing Tubes Yarn Cones
    Cardboard Tubes Display Tubes
    Spiral Tubes Construction columns Cores